Vemod / Klage – Moestæ Qverelæ

Death has risen from his cold grave once more to review the Moestæ Qverelæ split release.

Greetings worthless humans! Our next slab of obscurity is 2011’s split, Moestæ Qverelæ, with Germany’s Klage on side A and Norway’s Vemod on side B. This was released through Norway’s Nordkult Ritual imprint which, limited to 500 copies, is also the label’s most recent release as well. Both sides exude euphoric melancholy. Klage’s track, Der letzten Kälte Hergang, is very raw in its production, mid-paced throughout most of the track, with an occasional fast part. The track ends with a really haunting melody that takes the listener to another realm of existence. And this appears to be Klage’s most recent release, meaning the one-man project has been quiet the last half decade. Vemod’s track, I iskald prakt, is as morose and melancholy as you can get. The production is cleaner than Klage’s tracks but still very organic. Very slow, ethereal darkness is the mood of the whole track. It’s a very dreamy, otherworldly track which is typical of Vemod’s style and sound. Vemod has since put out a masterpiece of a first album, playing live, and hopefully will be greeting us with another release in the future.

Hostium – Pissing Incest on the Virginborn

Well fuck! Lookie here, the Godless North & Nordwind cult elite come out of their slumber (More the case for Godless North) and deliver us with some new blast-phemous Satanic chaos under the name of Hostium. Featuring 3 of the 4 members of Vancouver’s own Nordwind; LuzifaustChernobog, & Necrovermin bring us 4 venomous tracks in a 22 minute span that absolutely fucking rip!

I’ll start out by saying that this demo is just straight out mean! If there is one thing that Hostium didn’t skimp out on, it’s the “mean” component. PIONV starts out with an odd time signature groove which quickly turns right into unrelenting blasting madness. The first track “Primal Blasphemy” certainly sets the mood off right and is true to its title. The songs that follow are very much in the same spiteful vein. Overall the demo is a pretty high octane listen with lots of high tempo blasting and tremolo picking while still providing plenty of mid-paced sections with some killer skull crushing grooves. The musicianship here is top-notch and unexpectedly tight, especially for a debut demo release. There are plenty of quality riffs all of which are malicious and evil as fuck. The drumming is a definite highlight for sure with its tight playing and tremendous blast-beat execution. Vocals are goddamn vicious and ultimately painful sounding. I seriously think Necrovermin must spew blood from his throat when performing. Production is clear and overall clean sounding, but not polished to the point of sounding unnatural. Everything played here is true and unaltered.

Despite being a 2008 demo, this is one of my most played releases of 2016 along with their debut LP from this year (Review in the work). Hostium are the best black metal band currently out there in my opinion when it comes to staying true and primitive. This brand of black metal is nothing new, but Hostium are the masters of keeping the traditional Norwegian second wave sound alive and true. This demo is a must have for any black metal maniac!


VoidCeremony – Dystheism

Hailing from Ramona, California VoidCeremony was formed by Garrett Johnson and Jon Reider in the Summer of 2013. Soon after the formation they inducted bassist Ian Mann and drummer Charlie Koryn in 2014. Dystheism was originally released independently on cassette with only 100 copies available. So if you have a copy you are a lucky bastard. After this debut EP got some attention Blood Harvest Records decided to reissue the release on limited 300 copy 7″ wax.

VoidCeremony play a traditional style of death metal while adding some zany and progressive elements into their oldschool sound. The first thing that caught my attention was the very raw and primitive analog production they chose to go with which is refreshing for a style of death metal that tends to be a little more outside the box. This analog recording approach works really well I think, although I do feel it could use much more atmosphere. I think with the proper atmosphere this mix/production would be absolute perfection. The musicianship and song craftsmanship is a whole other story though which makes up for the lost atmosphere. The song structures are all over the place and not much is repeated. We tend to go from one riff and zany pattern to the next making Dystheism one hell of an exciting ride. Just when you think you are following a certain section correctly, VoidCeremony come and hit you in the face and completely change it up causing you to just throw you arms up in the air in frustration. While this release is mainly death metal their are blackened element thrown in which can be heard is some of the more sinister sounding riffs and especially in the lyrical and visual content. Some moments of this EP I’m reminded of Altars of Madness and other times I’m slightly reminded of None So Vile. It’s a big mishmash of brilliant influences.

Dystheism is a great debut release which should not go unnoticed. If you want a OSDM approach with some more progressive/technical elements thrown in which also has the raw gritty production then this EP is a must have. VoidCeremony recently just put out another EP shortly after releasing this one the same year entitled Cyclical Descent of Causality. Expect a review of that within the week.



Nocturnal Werewolf – Howl of Frozen Graves

Wened Wilk Sławibor is one prolific guy in that he is part of 19+ active bands/projects including Blood Stronghold and Cryptal SpectresNocturnal Werewolf is his newest creation and he just released his first demo for the band entitled Howl of Frozen Graves.

This project is a pretty straight to the point traditional black metal execution. There is nothing remotely refreshing about this demo and that’s perfectly alright. If you want some good no frills, grim as fuck black metal that stays true and primitive then this demo is a must have. We have 3 original songs and one cover song of the classic “Freezing Moon” which acts as the closure to the demo, and it does not disappoint. The original tracks seem to fly by leaving nothing too memorable. Some good catchy riffs are there but these songs are pretty insipid. Like I said it’s not a bad thing, it’s just nothing particularly exciting is all.

I still throw this on and jam it at least once a week, especially for that killer Mayhem cover. Its short runtime is convenient especially for this style of black metal. Overall I find this release to be quite tame. Maybe I’m missing something here though. I much prefer Wened Wilk Sławibor’s other projects, especially Blood Stronghold.




Konflict – Cyanide Resolution

For those who are not in our opinion, four walls, three is too many. We stand for organized terror – this should be frankly admitted.” F.D.

Sri Lanka‘s Konflict ain’t fucking around I tell you. This is the debut EP from 2014 which was released by Antichrist Kramer’s label Deathangle Absolution Records and it’s a quick  6 minutes of total fucking terroristic machine gunning onslaught. I’d compare Konflict to bands such as NyogthaebliszTetragrammacide, and even Last Days of Humanity. Konflict play a very grindy and noisy style of war-metal that is heavy on the blastbeats and downtuned strings. While I tend to despise drum machines, I feel that the drum machine on this EP works well for Konflict in that it adds to their unrelenting and inhuman extremity. Nothing about this EP sounds like it’s played by a human anyways. Its copious extremity and terroristic intent is so overpowering that it’s hard to not respect what has been achieved by these two terrorists. Demonic pitchshifted vocals are spewed over the blasting fury and distorted filth while samples of people screaming in the background send cold chills down the spine. This EP is a malicious fucker that will make you feel utterly uncomfortable and nauseated. Hate and total death is the name of the game here and Konflict aim to use this audial terror that they crafted as their weapon against the human race.


Eucharist – Endarkenment EP

So far this year there hasn’t been a lot of death metal that has grabbed my attention aside from the newest Inverloch album. It’s still early in the year though and it was just a matter of time before Iron Bonehead Productions released something to my liking.

The anonymous members of Australian blackened death metal army Eucharist just recently released an EP of two 13 minute tracks that bring the cavernous dread to a copious level of insanity. While Eucharist are indeed a death metal band, there is however a lot of black metal influence incorporated into their sound. I’d compare Eucharist to bands such as Demoncy, Nocturnal Blood, and The Haunting Presence. The guitar tone is very much reminiscent of the guitar tone on Demoncy’s Joined in Darkness in that the guitars sound like a fuckin jet engine! The vocal approach is a mix between low menacing growls, torturous shrieks, and haunting whispers that absolutely crawl down your spine. The drums are the biggest blur of any component on this recording. Much like the whole damn recording the drums are excessively muddy sounding. The kick drum is almost completely absent leaving the snare and cymbals as the prominent source of the kit. The strongest component of this EP is by far the atmosphere and how Eucharist use it to their advantage. In some cases with this style of cavernous death metal it can be a bust, but Eucharist definitely know what the hell they are doing here and make it work.

So if you are in the mood for some quality haunting blackened death metal that brings the cavernous atmosphere hard then look no further because Endarkenment is your answer.

Mysophilia – Atomik Hatefukk

Unholy fuck, if the artwork for Mysophilia‘s Atomik Hatefukk is not enough of an indication for what ruthless depravity is stored in this plastic chunk of malice then I don’t know what is. Well, that and the just as heinous title will do it too. So does the artwork and title do the noise justice? Fuck yes it does!

This Southwest Michigan duo bring the Satan hard by absolutely shredding and blasting the complete fuck out of everything that is holy. Mysophilia play an ugly and unrelenting style of blackened thrash that is more depraved than your grandmothers cunt and faster than Satan’s projectile lava-vomit. Riff after thrashy riff is shredded out of Samnu‘s battle axe throughout Atomik Hatefukk. While the guitar playing and riffs are most definitely fierce throughout they do remain catchy and memorable. Drums are goddamn unrelenting and ultimately bone crushing. At times Bellitheist‘s drumming comes off as grindy with the hyperblast approach that is very much reminiscent of Cryptopsy‘s None So Vile blasting. While most of the songs are a vicious thrash attack the one song that stands out from the rest is the groovier “Satanic Pact” which brings the Celtic Frost worship hard. They even used a cowbell like Celtic Frost did in the classic “Dethroned Emperor“. Oh, lets not forget the incredible Impiety cover either of “Torment in Fire“. While this is a cover track I find my self always thrashing the fuck out to Mysophilia‘s version much more than the original.

Atomik Hatefukk is top-notch blackened thrash that should not go unheard. Honestly, I don’t know how they’ve stayed so unnoticed. Obscurity till death I guess. The Cassette can be found at Iron Bonehead Productions (Germany) here and Caligari Records (U.S.) here. The first demo cassette can be found at Hells Headbangers here. Do your self a favor and support this band!